Solar Energy Vietnam

Residential solar

houses, villas, apts, 500m2

Commercial solar

factories, farms, offices, industry, C&I, +500m2

Solar applications

parking, canopy, lithium, offgrid, bifacial

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Suntiki has developed rooftop solar in Vietnam since 2017. We consult, design and install top brand solar panels on houses, factories, offices, industrial, farms, commercial, universities and more. We focus on delivering high quality solar energy systems that will last for more than 25 years.

Rooftop solar power systems

Easy to go rooftop solar with Suntiki

palm city district 2 vietnam solar power project
Hear from our customers:

“That’s right. Super happy with my system, Kiet and his team sorted me out with everything. Highly recommend you speak to him!” – Erik Jonsson on Palm City, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Solar rooftop process

solar power potential vietnam

Step 1

Find out solar energy potential of your building. How many solar panels? How much to invest? How much savings?

Step 2

Design and engineering following your requirements and in accordance with IEC and Vietnam regulations.

Step 3

We do everything for you from rooftop solar installation, startup to helping you with EVN and other applications.

Step 4

Enjoy cheap clean renewable energy from the sun until 2050 with minimal maintenance.

Processes we will support you with:

Why choose Suntiki?

+3,000 kWp

solar energy systems already installed

Top brands - great price.

REC solar certified installer. Canadian solar distributor. Solar engineering certificates from SEI.

preferred solar installer in Ho Chi Minh City

Featured in VOH and Saigon Times Newspaper.

Smart solar app for monitoring.

Follow production every day, week, month and year

smart solar app vietnam
solar app using vietnam

Frequently Asked Questions on Rooftop Solar Vietnam

It is correct that upfront costs for solar power is quite high.  Luckily, for medium to large systems, it is possible to partner with banks to finance this.  Whether you decide to finance it yourself or with a partner, the savings benefit you get from solar is for sure worth it when you compare to putting the same amount in the bank and earn interest over time. Electricity rates go up year after year, and are impossible to predict. Investing in solar now protects your business from price volatility. Depending on your location you can lock in low electricity rates for 20 years or more, and even cover 100% of your electricity bill.

While it may sound daunting to learn about an entirely new form of energy, we are here to help. Suntiki has helped thousands of organizations just like yours go solar. We will guide you through the steps to taking your business solar – which are simpler than you might imagine.

We can show investing in solar is more profitable than putting money in the bank. And, from cashflow perspective, it lowers your operating cost over time. The benefits are undeniable. Multinational companies in Vietnam like IKEA, H&M, Heineken and more require their partners to have solar energy. And as the environment worsens, not using renewable energy may hurt your sales as customers look for sustainable products and services.

With environment worsening for every year and electricity prices continuously increases, people around the world look for sustainable products and services. Choosing to go solar isn’t just a financial decision. It’s an environmental choice. Businesses that cultivate a focus on sustainability are experiencing powerful brand effects. A solar panel system on your business makes a strong statement to your customers. Their relationship with your brand grows. Employees walk just a little bit taller knowing the business they work for is running on clean energy. Study after study shows that sustainability isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for business.

It is true that we dont see solar panels as much as in Japan, USA, Germany or Australia. But out there in Vietnam, we have together raised Vietnam from non-existing in 2017 to the top South East Asian solar installer in just 2 years with a whooping 20GW solar installations. It may not be easily seen from your office window, but solar is in Vietnam by numbers, and if you dont see it from the window, it means there is much more potential to develop. The future of Vietnam is solar, the only question is will you be part of that future?


CT TNHH Suntiki Solar is a solar energy company based in Vietnam. We consult, survey, engineer and install rooftop solar panel systems for residential, commercial, industrial such as factories, farms, villas, industrial parks and others.