Solar Audit IEC 62446

solar audit vietnam IEC-62446 TCVN-11855

TCVN 11855-1:2017 Photovoltaic (PV) systems in Vietnam: Requirements for testing, documentation and maintenance – Part 1: Grid connected systems – Documentation, commissioning tests and inspection. Solar power systems are reliable and require minimum maintenance. There are no moving parts and technology is robust and proven over long time. However, regular inspection is recommended once a […]

Dispatch 3288 PCCC

Dispatch 3288: PCCC Fire protection for solar power Vietnam

Dispatch 3288/C07-P4 Fire protection requirements for solar energy system in Vietnam: The Fire and Rescue Police Department (Ministry of Public Security) (the fire department/ PCCC) has just issued Dispatch No. 3288/C07-P4 dated 8 September, 2020 to the Police of the provinces/cities directly under the government guiding the design appraisal and approval of fire protection for […]